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In September 2023,
contemporary art from around the world will converge in Osaka.

"art stage OSAKA 2023," an art event themed "The Door to the Future," will be held at OSAKA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER in Japan from September 1 (Fri.) to 3 (Sun.), 2023.

"art stage OSAKA 2023" will consist of three exhibition sections under the theme of "Future Society through Art.

"World Art Osaka," an international exhibition of artists from 10 Asian countries in collaboration with ambassadors and consuls in Japan; "Japanese Contemporary," featuring contemporary Japanese art that will serve as a compass for the future; and "New Media," featuring NFT works that share a sense of community and enthusiasm.

More than 40 artists from different regions and a wide range of genres will gather in Osaka to present their works, including Korakrit Arunanondchai, who presents a unique visionary world image using a wide range of techniques including painting, video, and installation; Kazuki Takakura, who creates works on the theme of rewriting the rules of contemporary art through Eastern thought and pursuing new values in digital data; Gensho Yasuda, an up-and-coming animation artist with more than 5.2 million total followers on SNS.


art stage OSAKA 2023

Exhibition Period

1 Sep (Fri)  10am - 5pm
2 Sep (Sat)  10am - 5pm
3 Sep (Sun)  10am - 4pm

* Private view to be held on 31 August (Thu)



5-3-51 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka


Advance 2,000 JPY (tax inc.)
Door 2,500 JPY (tax inc.)
NFT Tickets 2,000 JPY (tax inc.)


Keihan Nakanoshima Line: Next to Exit 2 of Keihan Nakanoshima (Osaka International Convention Center) Station
JR Loop Line: 15-minute walk from Fukushima Station
JR Tozai Line: 10-minute walk from Exit 2 or 3 of Shin-Hukushima Station
Hanshin Railway: 10-minute walk from Exit 3 of Fukushima Station
Subway: 15-minute walk from Exit 1 of the Central Line / Exit 9 of the Sennichimae Line of Awaza Station



Two types of tickets are available for art stage OSAKA 2023: "General Ticket" and "NFT Ticket".
In addition to credit card payment in legal tender, payment in cryptocurrency (Polygon) is also available.

We also offer a variety of ticket benefits such as discounts at museums, hotels, and restaurants.


Please note that general tickets must be reserved in advance to reduce congestion.
Each reservation slot is limited, so please purchase your tickets as early as possible.


More than 40 artists gathered for three exhibitions under the theme of "The Door of the Future".

World Art Osaka

Paintings Now Redux

In collaboration with the ambassadors and consuls to Japan, this international exhibition presents works by artists active in diverse cultural backgrounds and world affairs from 10 countries in Asia. Asia, which has experienced rapid growth – energetic and sometimes chaotic – within an extremely short span of time, has overcome various contradictions with modernism and depicted these “scenes” in the surface of paintings. This exhibition introduces the reality of such Asian paintings, from abstract to figurative, from conceptual to the socially-conscious; we hope you will experience the rich variety of "now" in the Asian region.


Busui Ajaw (Thailand) / Korakrit Arunanondchai (Thailand) / Htein Lin (Myanmar) / Mahalakshmi Kannappan (India + Singapore) / Fadilah Karim (Malaysia) / Hongsa Khotsouvanh ( Laos) / Koa Pham (Vietnam) / Rosit Mulyadi (Indonesia) / Sopheap Pich (Cambodia) / Ruchika Wason Singh (India) / Maria Taniguchi (Philippines)

Japanese Contemporary

-Is there anything left to pray for in a world without God, where everything is calculated?-

Featuring works by contemporary artists unraveling visions of the future, this exhibition presents artworks from different perspectives of social issues, spirituality, and faith. The exhibition examines the relationship between politics and art in postwar Japan and the new artistic spirit fostered by scientific and technological innovations exploring how artworks with Japanese and Asian spirituality create new values through irrationality amidst the advancing rationality of science. We hope that the artists' works will serve as a compass for us and guide new insights into a more prosperous future.


Yoichi Ochiai / Kazuki Takakura / Lu Yang / Ishu Han / Akira Kamo / Yusuke Suga / Shino Yanai / Yosuke Amemiya / Tsuyoshi Anzai / Tetsutaro Kamatani / Yousuke Nakagawa / EUGENE STUDIO / KYOTO INTERCHANGE

New Media

State of the "Art"

This exhibition showcases digital contents in which values are being shaped in unconventional ways from the current art market, such as NFTs - sharing passion with their communities - and digital archives of actual artworks. Witnessing the increasing utilization of NFT, the rise of a new creator economy, and the emergence of works and communities that transcend the boundaries between the physical and digital, we hope to together imagine the potentials of these changes - how they will transform values in the art world and, by extension, in the future society.


FAT Collection:Shingo Aiba / Toshiki Ando / Cotoh Tsumi / Jyun Inoue / Takuma Kamine / Takayuki Matsumine / Francesco Mazzi / MIRAI / Nei nei / Rena / Takuya Sakamoto / Ellen Sheidlin / Takaoki Tajima / Wataru Uchida

Proof of X:0xDEAFBEEF / 0xG / Akihiro Kato / Ara / EXCALIBUR / exonemo / Kitasenju Design / Masaki Fujihata / NIINOMI / PIV / Rhea Myers / Toshi

NFT X CREW:A-Mashiro / Emi Kusano / Shunsuke Takawo / mae / Gensho Yasuda / Y__D / Waboku / AI☆MADONNA (XYZA) / Takahiro Komuro (XYZA) / Hiroshi Mori (XYZA)

Koa Pham, Tracing a duckweed structure, 2023 / History Painting (Poetry Floor2) 2016 Courtesy of the artist and C L E A R I N G, New York / Brussels / Los Angeles Copyright @ Korakrit Arunanondchai Collection of Taguchi Art Foundation / Rosit Mulyadi, Etos Kawanan #4, 2023 Courtesy of Gajah Gallery / 加茂昴『逆聖地』2014 / Shino Yanai, 《Blue Passages, The Deep End version》2020 Photo IINUMA Tamami / たかくらかずき『みえるもの あらわれるもの いないもの』2023 / Ellen Sheidlin, Sengen-Sama / mae, Always There / Waboku, EDEN 1122F


Tickets on sale now!

General Tickets

Advance: 2,000 JPY

Door: 2,500 JPY

NFT Tickets

Credit card: 2,000 JPY

Cryptocurrency (Polygon): 20MATIC


■Highlights of art stage OSAKA 2023

  • More than 40 contemporary artists' works will be exhibited in an exhibition structure that looks at a single future society from three different perspectives: "Asia," "Contemporary Art," and "New Media. With the exception of a few pieces, the exhibited works are available for purchase.

  • Paintings by artists from 10 countries will be exhibited, representing the current state of Asia.
    A large work by Korakrit Arunanondchai, measuring over 4 meters, will be featured.


  • The exhibition will bring together some of Japan's leading media artists, including Kazuki Takakura and Gensho Yasuda.

  • NFT tickets will be available for purchase with credit cards and virtual currency.

art stage OSAKA 2022の展示風景.jpg

Exhibition view at art stage OSAKA 2022

NFT works on display at Art Fair Tokyo 2023

■Director / Curator

Director(World Art Osaka)

Mizuki ENDO

born in Sapporo, 1975 / based in Kyoto
Mizuki Endo is a curator, art critic and art consultant.
Endo has established three artists-run spaces in Asia; Art Space Tetra (Fukuoka, 2004), Future Prospects Art Space (Manila, 2005) and Playroom (Mito, 2007). He was awarded the 3rd Lorenzo Bonaldi Art Prize (Bergamo, 2005), was the networking curator of Singapore Biennale 2006, the director of Arcus Project (Moriya, Japan, 2007-2010), the curator of Cream: International Festival for Arts and Media, Yokohama (2009), the collaborative curator of Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2009, the curator of Yutaka Sone: Perfect Moment (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 2011), the residence program director of Kunisaki Art Festival (Oita, Japan, 2014), and the artistic director of Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (Hanoi, 2017-2021). He also works as the executive director of Higashiyama Artists Placement Service (HAPS) in Kyoto since 2011.
His major publications are; America MADE: interviews with Shigeo Chiba, Yuko Hasegawa, Chieko Hirano, Isako Kumagai, Takashi Murakami and Koki Tanaka (Tontuu Records, Fukuoka, 2009), Yutaka Sone/Perfect Moment (Getsuyosha, Tokyo, 2011), and The end of the road, the care for the self (Pub, Fukuoka, 2013).

Curator(Japanese Contemporary)


Born 1985 in Tokyo. Independent curator and former chief curator at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (2014-2021), former curator at Kadokawa Culture Museum (2021-2022). Curated exhibitions in 2023 include "A Liminalism of Japanese Contemporary Art After 2010s'" (Pellas Gallery, Boston), "ART in the Age of Hyper Technological Reproductions" (GYRE GALLERY, Tokyo) exploring the transformation of art through NFT, featuring artists such as Damian Hirst. Major exhibitions during his career at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa include "DeathLAB: Democratizing Death" (co-organized with Columbia University Graduate School of the Arts, 2018-9), "BCL Ghost in the Cell" (toured to Ars Electronica, Austria, 2015-6). 

Curation Team(New Media)











Tickets on sale now!

General Tickets

Advance: 2,000 JPY

Door: 2,500JPY

NFT Tickets

Credit card: 2,000 JPY

Cryptocurrency (Polygon): 20MATIC



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