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“art stage OSAKA” was first held in 2022 as an international art fair in Osaka to propose “ways of communicating with art in the new era” to enrich people’s minds and lives through art as cultural and social capital.
In today’s complex society, shaped by diverse forms of communication, art is also facing many challenges as it transcends existing frameworks. This year, under the theme of “The Door to the Future,” art stage OSAKA will consist of three sections of exhibitions where visitors can purchase artworks: “World Art Osaka,” featuring works by artists from 10 Asian countries, “Japanese Contemporary,” featuring works by contemporary artists based in Japan, and “New Media,” showcasing NFT works sharing passion with their communities. Through these exhibitions and various other programs such as symposiums, art stage OSAKA 2023 aims to enhance mutual understanding among people from different regions and fields by sharing and exchanging views and perspectives, and explore new insights and paths toward the realization of a more prosperous future society.



art stage OSAKA 2023

Exhibition Period

1 Sep (Fri)  10am - 5pm
2 Sep
(Sat)  10am - 5pm
3 Sep
(Sun)  10am - 4pm

* Private view to be held on 31 August (Thu)



5-3-51 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka


Art Tokyo Association / Japan Arts Council / Agency for Cultural Affairs


Universal Ad Network Co.,LTD.


​©️Expo 2025

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