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Ruchika Wason Singh

1974年、デリー出身、同地在住。ルチカ・ウェイソン・シンは現代インドを代表するアーティストであり、リサーチャー、また教育者でもあります。彼女の代表的なプロジェクトとして、母親でありながら活動するアジアのアーティストを記録し、考察したThe Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asiaがあります。このほか、アートスペースの運営、著作の出版、大学でのレクチャーなど、多面的な活動で知られています。

Born in Delhi in 1974, she lives and works in the same region. Ruchika Wason Singh is a leading contemporary Indian artist, researcher, and educator. One of her major projects is The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia, which documents and examines Asian female artists who are mothers. She is also known for her multifaceted activities, including running an art space, publishing books, and lecturing at universities.
This work is a fine example of her individualistic approach as an artist. It is a multilayered depiction of the artist's own internal sensibilities, her unique Asian handcrafted aesthetics, and the physicality of being a woman. It is also a visualization of a complex experience in which the wounds of the individual are also the wounds of history. She came to Japan for this exhibition and set up the paintings by herself.


駐日インド大使 シビ・ジョージ

駐日インド大使 シビ・ジョージ

His Excellency Mr. Sibi George Ambassador of India to Japan

この度、2023年8月31日から9月3日にかけ、大阪府立国際会議場で開催され るWorl dArt Osaka2023に、インド人芸術家、ルチカ・ワソン・シン女史の作品が展示される運びとなり、大きな喜びを感じております。ルチカ女史は実力派アーティストとして知られており、世界中で作品を発表しています。女性に関連する問題に対する高い感性 で称賛されています。2016年には、 母親となった後もアーティストとして活動するアジア女性たちの活躍に焦点を当て、活躍の場を提供するため、『Archive for Mappingof Mother Artist inAsia』(AMMAA) を立ち上げるなど、活動の場を広げています。ルチカ女史そしてWor ld Art Osaka2023の成功を祈願いたします。

It gives me immense pleasure to note that Indian artist Ruchika Wason Singh has been chosen to display her work at the ""World Art Osaka 2023"" exhibition being held at Osaka International Convention Centre from August 31 to September 03, 2023. Ms. Ruchika is an accomplished artist, who has exhibited her work all around the world and has received accolades for her sensitivity towards issues related to the women. In 2016, - she founded the ""Archive for Mapping of Mother Artists ni Asia (AMMAA)"" to provide
a space for mother artists, which could give visibility to women, who embraced motherhood and art practice in their lives. I wish her and the World Art Osaka 2023 all the success.

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