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Htein Lin


Born 1966 in Ingapu, lives and works in Shan State. Htein Lin was chased as a leader of the anti-military regime student demonstrations in 1988, but was captured and tortured by the military. Based on this experience, he expressed his pain and suffering in a performance in 1996. This is known as the first instance of conscious performance as an expression in Myanmar. As a result, he was captured again in 1998 and held in prison for six years. While in prison, he continued to produce artworks and newspapers using prison uniforms, syringes, soap, and other materials. After his release, he was based in London, but returned to Myanmar in 2013 when the country was democratized. Since then, he has been actively presenting his work, standing by the side of those who demand democracy and freedom. Last year, in 2022, he and his wife were imprisoned for three months. This relatively recent work depicts a prison visit. It is a powerful work that is a testament to his indomitable spirit in pursuit of pictorial expression and social justice.

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