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Fadilah Karim

ファディラ・カリムは1987年、ジョホール出身、セランゴール在住、将来が嘱望されているマレーシアの作家です。MARA工科大学で美術とテクノロジーの修士号を取得。2013年にHOM Art Trans YOUNG GUNS Awardを、2021年にUOB Painting of the Year (ブロンズ) を受賞しました。

Fadilah Karim was born in Johor in 1987, lives and works in Selangor, and is a promising Malaysian artist. She graduated with a Master's degree in Fine Arts and Technology from MARA Institute of Technology and was awarded the HOM Art Trans YOUNG GUNS Award in 2013 and the UOB Painting of the Year (Bronze) in 2021.
In recent years, she has been focusing on her life itself as her subject matter. In particular, the experience of having a daughter and becoming a mother is particularly significant. In her work, she depicts the ambivalence characteristic of a little girl - beauty in the midst of confusion, joy in the face of fear - and the gentle strength of a mother who accepts her daughter's pranks. They appear to be scenes of reality, but at the same time they are imbued with symbolic meaning. Perhaps surprisingly, the small events in the lives of parents and child reach an extremely profound universality through the painterly expression thereof.




His Excellency Dato' Shahril Effendi Abd Ghany

受賞歴を持つマレーシアの若手現代アーティスト、ファディラ・カリムの作品を日本の皆様にご紹介できることを喜ばしく思います。彼女のユニークな芸術スタイルは、マレーシアの文化、風景、伝統、表現など、さまざまなテーマからインスピレーションを得ています。"World Art Osaka 2023"で、ぜひ彼女の作品をご覧ください。斬新でフレッシュ、そして躍動感あふれるマレーシアの傑作をご堪能頂けます。

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opportunity to showcase the works of Fadila Karim, a talented young contemporary artist from Malaysia with an impressive track record, to the Japanese people. Her unique artistic styles are inspired by diverse themes, including Malaysian culture, landscapes, traditions and expressions. Join me to celebrate her works at the “World Art Osaka 2023” where you can feast your eyes on novel, fresh, and vibrant Malaysian-made masterpieces.

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