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Takuma Kamine


Born in 1978 in Osaka. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with a major in painting.
Against a background of Japanese religious beliefs that combine Buddhism and animism, he expresses gods, Buddha, and animals in contemporary forms reminiscent of robot animation heroes and the like. The "Guardians" series, which combines ancient symbols of worship and science fiction elements into figurines, is one of Kamine's representative series of three-dimensional works. "Aizen Myoo", or the Ragaraja, is a deity who is believed to be the link between Buddha and mankind, and to unite them through love. The Ragaraja was worshipped by dye artisans in the Edo period (1603-1868) because of the similarity of his name to the word "aizome" (meaning "indigo dye"). The soft limbs and inorganic texture give an impression of sensuality, and the indigo-colored body, which appears to be dressed in a space suit, is decorated with robotic ornaments. The futuristic-looking guardians are humorous, but the displacement of their seated figures with somewhat unreadable expressions creates a strange sensation.

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