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Takayuki Matsumine


Born in Iwate Prefecture in 1985.
At the age of 16, Matsumine suffered a serious cervical spine injury during a ski sport he was engaged in at the time, which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down, and was forced to confronted the idea of life on a daily basis. In the process of searching for a new self in the midst of disappointment, he says, ""sometimes society blew down on me very harshly, and sometimes it saved me very warmly,"" and these two great winds have cultivated his powerful sensibility. Since beginning his career as an artist, Matsumine has been creating three-dimensional and media artworks based on the themes of space, human beings, and nature. His works have been ""co-created"" through the collaboration of art assistants who share Matsumine's approach of connecting self-expression, tragedy, and pain to ""beauty"". All living things suffer various hardships, large or small. The artist attempts to share with the viewers that it is precisely by confronting these events that we can learn to appreciate them and perceive their beauty.

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