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Maria Taniguchi


Born in Dumaguete in 1981, lives and works in Manila. Maria Taniguchi is one of the Philippines' leading artists, having won the Hugo Boss Asia Art Prize in 2015 and participated in the 12th Gwangju Biennale.
The artist is known for her various mediums, including sculpture and installation, but her representative work is "Untitled" series of paintings, which she has been working on continuously since 2008, which look like a brick wall. The process of carefully handcrafting each cell creates slight variations and intricate patterns on the surface of the paintings. By establishing the painting as a brick wall rather than a painting of a brick wall, the two- dimensional work stands as a kind of material reality, something that is neither a painting nor a construction, or both.


Her Excellency Mylene J. GARCIA-ALBANO

上海のロックバンド美術館で2015年ヒューゴ・ボス・アジア・アート賞 アジア新進アーティスト賞を受賞したマリア・タニグチは、その特徴的な「レンガ」の絵画で、すでに様々な国際展で紹介され、現代アーティストの中でも注目の存在として知られています。 第1回「World Art Osaka」での彼女の参加は、世界に通用するフィリピンのクリエイティビティを日本にもたらすことだろう。

Recognized as 2015 Hugo Boss Asia Art Award for Emerging Asian Artists at the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, Maria Taniguchi has emerged as one to watch out for among contemporary artists with her signature "brick" paintings that have already been featured in various international exhibitions. Her debut at the first "World Art Osaka" shall bring forth world-class Filipino creativity to Japan.

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