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Koa Pham

ドローイング、彫刻、デザインなど、さまざまなメディアを用いて、オブジェクト、人間、空間の関係を再考し、オブジェクトが人間とその意思決定に対して影響力を与える可能性に焦点をあてています。本作《Tracing a duckweed structure(ウキクサの構造をなぞる)》は、ロックダウン中に、ロンドンへの留学が引き伸ばされてしまい、作家がベトナムに待機せざるを得ないなかで制作されました。閉塞した状況で、成長し増殖するウキクサの構造によって、人間と自然の関係性を省察する作家の姿勢がよく表れた作品と言えるでしょう。それはまたパターンとして自動的に表現されるものと、自発意思として表現するものの「あいだ」にある相克の記録と言えるかもしれません。

Born in Ho Chi Minh City, lives and works in London. Koa Pham completed his MFA at Central Saint Martin's, University of the Arts London in 2019. He is one of the most notable Vietnamese artists at present.
Using a variety of media including drawing, sculpture, and design, he rethinks the relationship between objects, humans, and space, focusing on the potential of objects to exert influence on humans and their power over decision-making. This work, "Tracing a duckweed structure," was created during a lockdown, when the artist was forced to wait in Vietnam because his study abroad program in London was stretched out. It is a work that clearly expresses the artist's attitude in a closed situation where he reflects on the relationship between humans and nature by means of the structure of the growing and proliferating duckweed. It could also be said that this work is a record of the conflict that exists "between" what is automatically performed as a pattern and what is expressed as a conscious decision by the artist.

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