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Shunsuke Takawo

2015年より日記のように短いコードを書く習慣を続けながら、プログラミングを日々の生活や来歴、風土や固有の文化と結びつける活動として「デイリーコーディング」を提唱、実践している。2021年にジェネラティブアート作品「Generativemasks」を発表。発売から2時間あまりで1万個が完売し、1つのコードから生成される1万点の仮面のNFTが世界的に注目を集めた。「Pen クリエイター・アワード 2022」審査員特別賞受賞。

Born in Kumamoto in 1981. Artist and creative coder.
Since 2015, he has continued his habit of daily experimentation with coding like writing a diary, advocating and practicing "dailycoding" as an activity that connects programming to daily life, history, climate and indigenous culture. He released his generative collection “Generativemasks” in 2021, where 10,000 pieces sold out in just over two hours after its release, and the NFT of 10,000 masks generated from a single code attracted worldwide attention. Winner of the Jury's Special Prize at the Pen Creator Awards 2022.

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